Smartest Solutions for Roulette Options Now

Smartest Solutions for Roulette Options Now


Roulette is a popular game that is very attractive for people who love excitement. Due to the fact that it is extremely entertaining and exciting, it is this type of gambling that has become the most famous and popular in online casinos. What is the advantage of this game? It lies in the fact that online casinos offer users to play multiple types of roulette.

Known types of roulette

The most relevant games can be considered such roulettes as:

  • Roulette HD;
  • French;
  • American;
  • Zero;
  • European;
  • Roulette with track.

Features of European roulette

So, a characteristic feature of European roulette is the fact that it has 37 sectors (numbers from 1 to 36 or “o”, zero). It is zero that is capable of giving out the basic advantage of an online casino. All bets are instantly lost when the “0” falls out. This approach carries the casino a definiteproportion of winnings (2.7%) of the bets happened to be made on European roulettes.

Characteristic features of American roulette

This type of roulette has 38 sectors on the disc (from 1 to 36, including “double zero”, 00). Thus, in American roulette, bets are lost if “zero” or “double zero” falls out. In this type of roulette, the advantage is 5.26%. By the way, American roulette use to be much less prevalent among players.

The specifics of French roulette

French roulette has 37 sectors on the disc, just like European roulette. This variation of roulette dominates many French casinos. If a zero falls out, the casino may offer a special compensation to the player who made a bet on this sector, that is, half of his initial bet. It happens to be this tinge that makes French roulette so profitable and popular for players.

So, it’s up to you to decide which kind of roulette is preferable to decide. Any of the described varieties is very popular and brings significant profits, both to the players themselves and to online casinos, therefore, choose what your heart is in and may luck never leave you!